SalĂștem Organic Massage

Meet the Practitioner

Heather Coe Meuldijk LIC SC MAS 8792, LIC SC ESTH 4394


- Massage Therapy Certification, July 2013, 810 hours: Greenville Technical College

-Applications and Spa Treatments, May 2013, 45 hours

-Sports Massage, May 2014, 45 hours: Greenville Technical College in association with Clemson University Sports Medicine

-Aromatherapy I, December 2014, 45 hours

-Polarity Therapy, August 2015, 32 hours

-Intro to Tuning Forks, November 2017, 4 hours

-Auth Method: Forearm Massage-Sidelying, Prone & Supine, November 2017 8 hours

-Reiki 1, October 2019 6 hours

-Reiki 2, June 2020 12 hours

-Esthetician Certification, December 2013 450 hours

 -Associates in the Applied Science with a minor in General Technology, August 2014

-Associates in Arts, December 2014

Salutem Organic Massage opened in July of 2014. Heather Coe, Licensed Esthetican and Massage Therapist, has independently grown from a handful of friends and family to a thriving Wellness Station. She strives to provide each client with the ethereal, "dream massage," while simultaneously promoting a healthy muscular system. Under Heather Coe's vision, Salutem Organic Massage offers a safe, honest approach to holistic lifestyles, focusing on massage therapy and organic skin care.