SalĂștem Organic Massage

Services and Rates


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Massage Therapy

Every session is customized to meet the individualized needs of each client. Consult with your therapist to determine the right balance of deep tissue, Reiki, sports massage and Swedish relaxation. At therapist discretion, all massage can also include a combination of complimentary neuromuscular facilitation, Graston Sports Scraping, aromatherapy, or energy work.

30 minutes          $50

60 minutes          $90

90 minutes         $140


 Massage and Myrrh $275

Begin your bliss with a dry brushing exfoliation and Dead Sea Mud Body Wrap.

While Cocooned in the wrap, enjoy a Shira Organic Facial. Mud removal is done with the unique Vischy Shower Experience.

Finish with a 60 minute relaxing Massage.

Flush toxins, rejuvenate skin, promote deep relaxation.


 Dead Sea Body Wrap $125

 Includes dry brushing, Dead Sea Body Masque, body wrap, Vischy Shower, and customized Shira Organic Express Facial

Cleanse, detoxify, and replenish the body in 1 hour.

 Cupping Therapy

30 minutes of concentrated Cupping Therapy, $60

60 minute Massage featuring Cupping Therapy, additional $30

Increase circulation to tight, tired muscles with this time-and tried technique. By creating a vacuum, superficial capillaries flood with nutrients and increased circulation. This painless process also pulls internal toxins (lactic acid, cellular debris, etc) to the pooled area to allow the body to purge and release stagnation in the body, blood, muscles, and qi.

 Ear Candling 30$

 Takes roughly 20 minutes. Can be booked as a stand alone service or after any treatment session with notice.

Shira Organic Facial 90$

  Enjoy two deep facial cleanses and toner before an exfoliation based on your goals and skin type.Extractions are performed on the face and neck, followed by a massage and a mask to bring life to an element of the skin. Masks range from brightening with the Organic Citrus Marmalade Mask or hydrate with the Organic Select Gotu Kola Hydration Mask. Finish with  Organic Serum, Organic Moisturizer and Organic Eye Cream.

Shira Organic Back Facial 80$

Organically achieve a deep cleanse, exfoliation, purification of pores and rehydration of the back area.

Shira Organic Express Facial 50$

Organically achieve a deep cleanse, exfoliation and rehydration while on a time crunch.

Shira Organic Chemical Peel

Drastically increase your exfoliation treatment with the Shira Organic Power Peel. Multiple treatments using this product can dramatically reduce sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin and acne scarring.

Add to a Signature Facial +25$