SalĂștem Organic Massage



"Definitely will be going back soon :) highly recommend going here!"


"I had my first experience with Heather today and would highly recommend her! In 90 minutes she worked miracles. She is knowledgeable and $1/minute is a great value even before she does any discounts. If don't have a goto masseuse in the Upstate I would highly recommend giving heather a whirl. Quaint location, easy to find, and plenty of parking."



"My experience at Salutem Organic Massage transported me to a calm, tranquil, healing place 
I loved the aroma therapy oils, the atmosphere, and the professionalism!
Being an athletic fifty something year old, my body locks up and knots up
I left relaxed with muscles released into full range of motion! Like the Terminator, "I'll be back!""



 "I had a very pleasant experience at Salutem. Heather coe is a fantastic therapist. Her technique is professional and she has a very calming healing touch. The decor of the facility was also to my liking. The massage room was tranquil and soothing from the cool lighting to the tapestry on the ceiling. I highly recommend Salutem Orgainc Massage if you're looking for peace of mind for your first or next massage session."



"The technique Heather Coe uses is customized for the client's individual needs. She is in tuned enough to sense for herself what the client needs. Thank you for a relaxing and restorative session."



"Had my first massage with Heather last night. Best therapeutic massage ever! Can't wait to go back, this could be a game changer for me to get rid of some chronic stress pain!"



"I am always grateful for a good massage because I really LIVE in my body and am very active and athletic. Heather's work was EXACTLY what I needed on my first visit. She asked me great questions before we got started, and I gave her pretty specific instructions as to what I needed that day: work on my shoulders/traps and hips/glutes/IT band. She checked in several times about the level of deep tissue, and gave me more pressure when I wanted it and backed off intuitively when my muscles gave some negative feedback. She was thorough, prompt, and very kind. And her space is SO relaxing and calming.... I had no trouble practicing deep, yoga breathing throughout and felt like a new (though sleepy and dazed :) ) woman on my way out! I even bought a gift certificate for my business partner, and I'll definitely be back to see her. Go check it out! Your body and your mind will thank you. Namaste."